AUGUST 18, 2020


On August 3-7, 2020, centralized training course on nuclear security was held for employees at South-Ukrainian NPP and military unit of the National Guard of Ukraine protecting the site.

Physical protection training for NPPs employees is organized for the sixth year in a row - since 2015. More than 300 employees have already completed it. Exercises for military, which are regular as well, were arranged with support of the U.S. Department of Defense within the framework of the Ukrainian Nuclear Security Readiness Agreement.

This year, specialists of the training center for physical protection, control and accounting of nuclear material, part of the Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, held the training titled "Physical Protection as an Element of National Security".

In the course of the training, heads of the NPP divisions and representatives of the military units of the National Guard of Ukraine involved in protection of the NPP, learned about the measures of the world nuclear community to prevent illegal actions with radioactive materials, studied the relevant laws of Ukraine, the principles of building a physical protection system for nuclear facility, as well as the principles of physical protection of transport with radioactive materials, in particular with spent nuclear fuel.

Apart from the theoretical part, specialized exercises on physical protection of nuclear materials during transportation were held for military unit protecting the South-Ukrainian NPP. Together with the local unit of State Emergency Service of Ukraine and paramedics, the soldiers of military unit worked out the actions for freeing a special railway vehicle with spent nuclear fuel captured by terrorists.

Sources: "South-Ukrainian NPP held training on physical protection of nuclear materials and facilities", August 11, 2020