September 9, 2021


On Wednesday, August 25, 2021, the Pilot and Demonstration Center for Decommissioning of Uranium-Graphite Nuclear Reactors (PDC UGR) – part of the Rosatom Back-End Division – announced that a Rosatom inspection on nuclear material control and accounting (MC&A) started its work at the facility. The inspection was expected to end by the end of the week.

PDC UGR is located in Seversk, Tomsk region and operates shutdown graphite-moderated plutonium-producing reactors formerly operated by the Siberian Chemical Combine. A total of five reactors were in operation since 1955. Russia stopped using them for plutonium production in 1994, and the spent nuclear fuel was sent to Mayak Fissile Material Storage Facility.

The reactors were still used to generate electricity untill 2008 when they were decommissioned. The spent nuclear fuel from the reactors that were shut down is stored at PDC UGR's Temporary storage facility. The system of MC&A at the facility is based on the relevant state regulations including Rostechnadzor's Basic Rules of Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (known by its Russian acronym OPUK) NP-030-19.

Rosatom routinely performs internal security inspections at its companies. The inspection team is tasked with verifying the compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, Rosatom regulations as well as regulations of the company in question on the MC&A.

Russian Nuclear Security Update has written extensively on OPUK and its latest revision from 2019.

Source: The Commission of Rosatom State Corporation Started Nuclear Material Control and Accounting Work at the PDC UGR. August 25, 2021