September 3, 2021


Rosenergoatom, the operator of Russian nuclear power plants, launches a smart video surveillance system at the construction site of Kursk-2 NPP. The system will monitor safety and security during construction works. This is the first time such a system is used during NPP construction.

The system that will be commissioned by the end of 2021 includes 46 'smart' CCTV cameras. Part of the cameras has already been installed at the perimeter of the site, including 24 stationary cameras, 12 swing cameras, and 10 portable cameras.

Together with specialized software, the 'smart' CCTV cameras will provide real-time monitoring to detect fire, smog, and unauthorized intrusion in secure areas, as well as to verify that personnel complies with labor safety requirements and procedures.

One of the key features of the system is the lack of the need for permanent control by the operator. The system will automatically monitor the scene and notify personnel if something requires attention.

All information on constructed facilities collected by the system will be transferred to Rosenergoatom headquarters. The system will also store information to provide stakeholders with a retrospective of facilities' construction in addition to real-time monitoring.

Recently Russian Nuclear Security Update wrote about a safety monitoring system installed at Kola NPP. Rosenergoatom implemented a machine vision system using artificial intelligence technologies at Kola NPP to monitor personnel implementing dangerous works and verify that the personnel properly wear personal protection equipment. Rosenergoatom also planned to add other functions to the system, including analysis of personnel motions to detect unusual and strange behavior, as well as facial recognition to verify that personnel are present in site areas in accordance with their clearance level.

Although, primary objective of systems mentioned above is facilitating safety at sites, we assume that such capabilities will be widely used for security purposes in the future. One of possible applications is MPC&A operations monitoring (MOM). 'Smart' CCTV systems may monitor compliance with security requirements and procedures at points key to MPC&A as they currently monitor compliance with safety requirements. This will provide increased confidence that MPC&A personnel are present and vigilant and that security procedures are being properly performed.

Developing MOM capabilities was an important part of the U.S.-Russian cooperative efforts on upgrading MPC&A at sites. The sides piloted MOM systems at several Russian sites, but had not expand this practice by the end of cooperation.

Source: First of a kind Unique Video Surveillance System Will be Installed at a Site of Constructed Kursk-2 NPP. August 5, 2021.