July 29, 2021


From July 12 to July 30, 2021, the National Guard of the Russian Federation – a paramilitary force reporting to the President, responsible among other things for the protection of critical state facilities, including nuclear sites – is holding its first major exercise across several Russian regions "Zaslon-2021" (Barrier-2021).

As a part of the exercises in the Sverdlovsk region, the National Guard units in charge of protection of critical state facilities and special cargo used drones to look for intruders approaching protected facilities. The drones were dispatched around the closed cities of Novouralsk and Snezhinsk hosting major nuclear sites, as well as in the vicinity of the Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant. The flights took place in the nighttime. No intruders were found.

In Novouralsk, the National Guard also trained at locating and eliminating the militant groups. According to the exercise scenario, the militants used an explosive device and firearms to attack a convoy with a special cargo but were repelled. The aerial search and assault group was dispatched, and the militants were blocked and eliminated. The special cargo was successfully delivered to its destination.

1. Zaslon-2021 Exercise.
2. Forces of the Urals District of the Russian National Guard Implemented a Number of Tasks as a Part of Zaslon-2021 Strategic Exercise. July 22, 2021.
3. Special Forces of the Urals District of the National Guard Eliminated a "Militant Group" as a part of Zaslon-2021 Exercise. July 21, 2021.