June 4, 2021


In early April 2021, Rosatom assigned All Russian Institute of Automatics named after Dukhov (VNIIA) as the organization responsible for expert support of cooperation between Russia and the IAEA, as this relates to the analysis of environmental samples for identification of radioactive materials, including for nuclear forensics purposes.

Respective contract and other procurement documentation to support VNIIA preparation for performing this role were published at the dedicated Rosatom website http://zakupki.rosatom.ru/. The price of the contract is 18 million Rubles (USD $236,614). It will be in force from April 2021 to December 2022.

According to the contract, VNIIA should prepare its laboratory for measuring environmental samples received by Russia within the framework of international cooperation. VNIIA should also complete the actions necessary to join the IAEA Network of Analytical Laboratories (NWAL). NWAL is a part of the IAEA Environmental Sampling Program dedicated to using environmental sampling as a safeguards' strengthening measure. In addition, VNIIA should participate in international events relevant to environmental sampling and identification of radioactive materials in these samples, as well as review international documents on this topic.

Specific tasks to be completed by VNIIA include:

– The development of detailed plan and road map for preparing VNIIA laboratory for analyzing received samples and joining NWAL;
– Analyzing the results of pilot analysis of samples completed earlier to define necessary improvements to measurement equipment, personnel qualification, and procedures;
– The development of procedures for handling samples containing radioactive material;
– The development of draft measurement methods taking into account specifics of VNIIA equipment;
– The development of model sample analysis plan and measurements quality control program.

Source: Procurement # 210329/0451/061. Expert Support Within the Framework of a Process for Organizing Forensics and Other Analysis Aimed at Identification of Radioactive Material. April 6, 2021.